Sam’s Club Business Membership Guide (2024)

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Unlocking the benefits of Sam’s Club for businesses has long been a cornerstone of their membership offerings. While the traditional Business Membership may no longer be available, Sam’s Club has evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses and consumers with its Club and Plus memberships. This comprehensive guide explores the transition, offering insights into the the array of benefits now available to businesses. From cost-effective procurement to enhanced convenience, Sam’s Club continues to be a vital partner for businesses of all sizes.

Sam’s Club Business Membership

Sam’s Club has streamlined its membership options, now offering Club and Plus levels. The previous Business membership, characterized by Company Cards, is no longer issued but remains in use. Key points regarding the Company Cards include:

  • Company Cards issued for businesses are still operational.
  • They can’t be registered online and don’t feature individual names, only the business name.
  • While they accrue Cash Rewards, redemption isn’t possible.
  • Tax exemption is automatic if the membership is set up as such.
  • Credit attachment isn’t applicable.
  • Changes or updates require in-person club visits.

Despite the shift away from Business memberships, Sam’s Club continues to cater to businesses through its revamped Club and Plus tiers, which provide various benefits tailored to their needs, including reduced membership categories, enhanced free shipping, and simplified purchasing processes.

Sam’s Club – Club Membership

Sam’s Club’s Club membership offers value and convenience for shoppers, offering a plethora of benefits tailored to meet their needs. For a modest $25 (currently under promotion) annual fee, members gain access to exclusive savings, starting with a primary card and a complimentary card for another household member. But the perks don’t end there:

  • Extended Membership: Add up to 8 additional members at a reduced rate of $45 each, extending benefits to more family and friends.
  • Low Members-only Prices: Enjoy exclusive savings on a wide range of products, with new Instant Savings offers periodically.
  • Scan & Go: Revolutionize the shopping experience by scanning items and paying via the app, skipping checkout lines entirely.
  • Scan & Ship: Conveniently place direct-to-home orders by scanning eligible merchandise, streamlining the purchase process.

Sam’s Club backs its Club membership with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, allowing members to cancel and receive a refund of the current year’s fee if dissatisfied. This commitment underscores Sam’s Club’s dedication to providing unparalleled value and service, making the Club membership an irresistible proposition for discerning shoppers seeking affordability and convenience in their shopping experience.

Sam’s Club – Plus Membership

Sam’s Club’s Plus membership is the more premium option, catering to both personal and business needs with a myriad of exclusive benefits. Priced at $70 annually (currently under promotion), the Plus membership provides significant advantages over the base Club membership, ensuring an enhanced shopping experience for its members. Here’s a closer look at the benefits:

  • Extended Membership: Alongside the primary cardholder, a complimentary card for another household member ensures extended access to premium perks.
  • Additional Members: Plus members can add up to 16 club-level members at a reduced rate, broadening the scope of benefits within the household.
  • Free Shipping & Curbside Pickup: Enjoy free shipping on most online items and convenient Curbside Pickup services, streamlining the purchase process for busy individuals and businesses alike.
  • Optical & Pharmacy Discounts: Extra discounts at the Optical and Pharmacy departments, including 20% off prescription eyewear, contribute to overall savings.
  • Plus Rewards: Earn 2% back on qualifying purchases with Plus Rewards, enhancing savings opportunities with every transaction.
  • Exclusive Early Shopping Hours: Gain priority access to Sam’s Club with exclusive early shopping hours at 8:00 AM, ensuring a more relaxed and efficient shopping experience.
  • Early Access to Tire & Battery Center: Plus members enjoy early access to Tire & Battery Center services and benefit from a 50% discount on tire installations when purchasing sets of four.

These comprehensive benefits not only enhance savings but also provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency, making the Plus membership the ultimate choice for individuals and businesses seeking premium perks at Sam’s Club. Whether it’s free shipping, exclusive discounts, or priority access, the Plus membership delivers value that exceeds expectations.


The discontinuation of the Business membership reflects a strategic shift towards simpler, more inclusive membership structures. Sam’s Club now offers the Club and Plus memberships, catering to a diverse range of needs with unparalleled value and convenience.

The transition away from the Business membership signifies a broader commitment to streamlining processes and enhancing benefits for all members. While the Business membership may no longer be available, the Club and Plus memberships provide equivalent, if not superior, advantages tailored to both personal and business requirements.

With features like exclusive savings, free shipping, and enhanced services, the Club and Plus memberships ensure that every member enjoys an exceptional shopping experience. Sam’s Club remains dedicated to delivering value and satisfaction, reaffirming its position as a leader in the retail industry.

As businesses and individuals alike seek cost-effective solutions and streamlined services, the Club and Plus memberships stand as testament to Sam’s Club’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. Join us in embracing the future of membership at Sam’s Club, where value knows no bounds.