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Northwest Registered Agent vs Incfile for LLC (2023)

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Are you in the process of starting your own business and considering forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Two popular options for LLC formation services are Northwest Registered Agent and Incfile. But how do they compare? Below, we take a close look at these providers.

From pricing to features, we break down the key differences and provide recommendations for which type of customer each provider may be best suited for. So, whether you’re a budget-conscious entrepreneur or someone who values premium service, read on to find out which provider may be the perfect fit for your LLC formation needs.

Comparison Chart

LLC FormationNorthwest Registered AgentIncfile
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
PlansSingle planThree plans
Registered Agent IncludedIncluded
Annual Report Preparation and FilingYesYes
Customized Operating AgreementYesYes
Mail Forwarding and Service of ProcessYesYes
File a DBANoYes
Expedited FilingYesYes
Claimed Turnaround Time1 to 3 business daysNext business day
Legal Document TemplatesAll templates freeOnly select documents

Company Overview

Incfile is a reputable provider of LLC formation services. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has helped over 800,000 businesses get off the ground. Aside from LLC formation services, Incfile also handles compliance, including annual report filing, and other business filing services like trademark applications and DBAs.

Incfile’s LLC formation services are some of the most affordable. Their plans are particularly geared towards assisting small business owners, and their services are designed to cater to the needs of those starting new businesses.

Northwest Registered Agent, on the other hand, has been operating for over 20 years. With offices in all 50 states, Northwest is well-equipped to assist entrepreneurs with their business needs, regardless of their location. One of their standout features is their dedicated team of subject matter experts who provide personalized assistance.

Aside from LLC formation, Northwest also handles annual report filing, business development, and a range of compliance services. The company is also notable for its free and accessible library of legal document templates.

Pricing and Features

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent offers a straightforward approach to LLC formation with a basic service package priced at $225. While it may seem barebones, Northwest aims to keep things simple, unlike some competitors who offer tiered pricing with unnecessary add-ons that can be done at home by the business owner.

One standout feature of Northwest’s service is that the $225 price point includes a full year of their registered agent service, which renews at $125 per year after the first year. This can be a cost-effective option for businesses looking for ongoing registered agent services.


On the other hand, Incfile offers three plans for LLC formation: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with its own set of features. All plans come with a free registered agent service for the first year, with a renewal cost of $119.

$0 + state filing fees$199 + state filing fees$299 + state filing fees

The Silver Plan, which is arguably the most popular, is free apart from state filing fees and doesn’t have any additional service fees attached to it, making it a cost-effective option for budget-conscious businesses.

Incfile’s Gold Plan, priced at $299, includes everything from the Silver package and adds key features such as an EIN from the IRS, a customized operating agreement, a banking resolution, and express shipping of physical documents, making it a comprehensive option for businesses needing additional services.

The Platinum package, priced at $349, is the most expensive option offered by Incfile. While it includes all the features of the Gold Plan, it also offers contract templates, expedited filing, FedEx delivery, and a website domain name. However, these additional features may not be necessary for all businesses looking for LLC formation services.

Summary: Northwest Registered Agent offers a straightforward and simple approach to LLC formation with a basic service package that includes a full year of registered agent service, while Incfile offers three plans with varying features and pricing.


Signing up with Northwest Registered Agent for LLC formation is a straightforward process. You simply need to provide personal details and business information, and the order form is streamlined, allowing you to navigate back and forth between steps.

While they do offer upsells, they are clearly marked, allowing you to easily opt out of them. Additionally, you get a clear view of the total cost, including the state filing fee, through an order summary.

Northwest typically completes LLC formation within 1 to 3 business days, and during the order process, you will receive an estimated turnaround time once you select your state from the dropdown menu.

Incfile’s sign-up process is similarly user-friendly. After selecting your state, you can fill in your contact details and business information, and you also have options for standard or expedited filing. However, one downside is that Incfile offers its premium plans first and upsells are pre-selected, so it’s important to verify your selections before checking out to avoid any surprise fees.

Customer Support

Customer service is the cornerstone of Northwest Registered Agent. With a US-based team of over 700 customer service employees, they provide personalized support to their clients. This is crucial considering the complexities involved in starting an LLC. Moreover, Northwest has offices in all 50 states, enabling them to offer a variety of same-day services.

Northwest also offers a knowledge base for its customers. Some of the resources include comparisons of LLC and corporations, LLC operating agreements, and yes, free legal forms.

Incfile offers various channels for customer support, including phone, email, and chat. Their customer support is generally responsive and helpful, with a US-based team available to assist with inquiries related to LLC formation, business filings, and more.

However, some users have reported longer response times during peak periods, which could be a consideration for those who require immediate assistance. Incfile also provides an online help center and FAQ section on their website for self-service


For a straightforward and hassle-free approach to LLC formation, look no further than Northwest Registered Agent. They offer a single package that covers all the essential aspects of forming a business, and their customer support is top-notch. Priced at $225, Northwest’s package may be on the higher side, but it includes a registered agent service, though the renewal fee is $125.

On the other hand, Incfile’s Silver Plan is a budget-friendly option as it’s free, with only state filing fees to pay, and it also includes a free registered agent service for the first year. This makes Incfile an attractive choice for cost-conscious entrepreneurs just starting out. However, Incfile also offers higher-tier plans with additional features that may not always be necessary for LLC formation.

When considering which option to choose, it’s important to weigh the simplicity and convenience of Northwest Registered Agent’s all-inclusive package against Incfile’s tiered plans with varying features and costs. Depending on your specific needs and budget, either of these providers could be a suitable choice for your LLC formation process.