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Northwest Registered Agent LLC Formation Review & Cost (2023)

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Northwest Registered Agent offers formation services for businesses across the United States, and with years of experience and a team of knowledgeable professionals, they can help you meet all the legal requirements necessary to operate successfully.

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, but with the right support, it can also be an exciting journey. One essential step in the process of forming a new business is choosing a reliable registered agent service to help you navigate the legal requirements of your state. In this article, we will provide a detailed review of Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation services, covering everything from their pricing and packages to their customer support and overall reputation in the industry. If you’re considering using Northwest Registered Agent to form your new business, this review will help you make an informed decision.

Northwest Registered Agent Overview


  • Easy-to-use platform: their platform is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate
  • Strong customer support: they have a reputation for excellent customer support that has US based “Corporate Guide” personnel
  • Speedy turnaround times: their formation process is relatively quick, with most orders completed within a few business days
  • Data Privacy: Northwest does not sell any customer information
  • Minimal/No upsells: they don’t try to upsell you during the checkout process and when you contact customer support
  • Excellent reviews: Northwest Registered Agent has a ton of positive reviews online


  • Limited features included on their LLC formation plan
  • Add-on features can be expensive

Northwest Registered Agent is a registered agent service provider that has been in business for over 20 years. The company was founded in 1998 and has since built a solid reputation in the industry for its reliable and efficient services. The company has received high ratings and positive reviews from its clients, which is a testament to its dedication to customer satisfaction.

Northwest Registered Agent offers a range of services to its clients, including registered agent representation, compliance services, document filing, and entity formation services. Its registered agent services include the acceptance of legal documents and service of process, which are critical for businesses operating in multiple states. Northwest Registered Agent’s compliance services include annual report filings, business license research, and compliance tracking to ensure that businesses remain in good standing with their respective state agencies.

In addition to its registered agent and compliance services, Northwest Registered Agent offers entity formation services, helping businesses to form their LLCs and corporations in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The company’s formation services include the preparation and filing of formation documents, as well as the provision of a registered agent service for a fee.

Plan, Pricing & Features

The LLC formation package offered by Northwest Registered Agent starts at a base fee of $39, plus state fees, and includes a range of essential features to help businesses establish their LLCs. This package includes a year of registered agent service, providing businesses with a registered agent to receive legal and government notices on their behalf. The total cost of the package will depend on the processing time selected, with faster processing times incurring higher fees.

In addition to the mentioned features, Northwest Registered Agent offers its Corporate Guide service, which provides businesses with access to a group of business experts who can offer guidance and support throughout the LLC formation process. The company also offers its Privacy by Default feature, which ensures that customer data is secure and not compromised.

Overall, the LLC formation package offered by Northwest Registered Agent is a good value for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. The package offers all of the essential features needed to form an LLC, including registered agent service, at a competitive price point. The additional features, such as the Corporate Guide and Privacy by Default, provide added value and peace of mind to customers.

Other features such as EIN, LLC Operating Agreement template, annual business compliance and certificate of good standing, to name a few, are available as add-ons.

User Experience

One of the major positives of Northwest Registered Agent is the value of their LLC formation package. With a starting price of $39 plus state fees, the package includes a year of registered agent service, access to their Corporate Guide feature and the option to add on additional features. This package provides a solid foundation for businesses looking to establish their LLC at an affordable price.

Another positive aspect of Northwest Registered Agent is the quality of their service. The company has a reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy registered agent service, which is essential for businesses that need a registered agent to receive legal and government notices on their behalf. Additionally, the company’s Privacy by Default feature ensures that customer data is secure and protected. They won’t sell your personal information and they will provide you with addresses and phone numbers to keep yours out of public records.

Furthermore, they offer a transparent and straightforward pricing model for their LLC formation package. Unlike other service providers in the industry, Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t have hidden fees or try to aggressively upsell customers on add-ons. Instead, they are upfront and transparent about the costs associated with their LLC formation package. This level of transparency is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing a positive customer experience and their reputation for reliable and trustworthy service

That said, not everything is perfect with Northwest Registered Agent. While their LLC formation package offers a solid foundation for businesses looking to establish their LLC, some users may find that the package lacks certain essential features. The cost of the package can increase significantly when adding on extra services, such as getting an EIN, LLC Operating Agreement and so on. This can make the overall cost of the package much higher than the advertised starting price, which may be a drawback for some customers looking for a more comprehensive package at an affordable price.


Northwest Registered Agent is a reputable service provider that offers LLC formation at an affordable price. Their package includes a year of registered agent service, access to their Corporate Guide and Privacy by Default features, along with a reasonable turnaround time. Some users may find that the package lacks certain essential features, and adding on extra services can increase the cost. But if you value excellent customer service, privacy (they don’t sell your data) and upfront pricing with no hidden and surprise charges, we highly recommend Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation service.