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LegalZoom Promo Codes (2023)

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LegalZoom is a leading provider of online legal services that has made legal assistance more accessible.

Founded in 1999, the company has helped millions of individuals and businesses to create legal documents, form corporations, and file patents and trademarks. With its user-friendly website and expert customer support, LegalZoom has made it easy and affordable for anyone to handle legal matters from the comfort of their own home.

But what if you could access LegalZoom’s services at an even more affordable price? That’s where LegalZoom promo codes come in. By using these codes and deals, you can save money on a variety of LegalZoom services, including wills and trusts, business formations, and trademark registrations.

LegalZoom Business Service Promo Codes

LegalZoom offers a range of business services that can help entrepreneurs and small business owners take their companies to the next level. From LLC formation and incorporation to trademark registration and patent applications, LegalZoom can help you protect your business and stay in compliance with state and federal laws.

Make Your Business Compliant With LegalZoom Registered Agents
$299 annual fee

Avail of LegalZoom's services for solutions handled with expertise and efficiency.

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But LegalZoom isn’t just a DIY legal document service. They also offer legal assistance as an add-on for several of their services. If you’re not sure which business entity to choose, or you need help drafting contracts or resolving disputes, LegalZoom’s network of independent attorneys can provide legal advice and representation.

Promo Codes and Deals*

Business FormationStart your LLC for free — just pay state fees.VIEW DEAL
Business FormationEnjoy flat-rate fees on LLC formation servicesVIEW DEAL
Business FormationGet an operating agreement for only $99VIEW DEAL
Copyright RegistrationRegister a copyright to protect your creative work, stay in control of how it’s used, and take action against infringement.VIEW DEAL
Trademark RegistrationRegister your trademark so competitors can’t profit from it. Get attorney support from start to finish for the best chance of success.VIEW DEAL
Legal AssistanceGet attorney assistance in all 50 states. Register your LLC for free—plus filing feesVIEW DEAL
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LegalZoom Personal Service Promo Codes

LegalZoom offers a range of personal legal services to help individuals protect themselves, their assets, and their loved ones. One of their key offerings is estate planning. With LegalZoom’s estate plans, you can create a will, living trust, power of attorney, and other important documents to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of your passing or incapacity.

Promo Code and Deals*

Living TrustHelp keep your assets in the family and out of the courts. Start a living trust now or save $150 on an Estate Plan Bundle.VIEW DEAL
Living WillTake control of your healthcare with a living will. Save $100 if you opt for an Estate Plan Bundle.VIEW DEAL
Estate PlanProvide for your loved ones with an estate plan complete with advice from our network of attorneys from every state. Save $100 on an Estate Plan Bundle.VIEW DEAL
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LegalZoom promo codes, discounts, and bundles can provide significant savings for individuals and businesses seeking legal services. By using these deals, you can access discounts on various LegalZoom products, such as business formation, trademark registration, and estate planning. These discounts can make a big difference in your bottom line, especially if you’re operating on a tight budget.

Protect Your Brand With LegalZoom’s Trademark Registration Service

LegalZoom offers an all-in-one solution for professional trademark registration and expert attorney support.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.