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Incfile Trademark Registration Review & Cost (2023)

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As businesses strive to establish their unique identity and build brand recognition, trademark registration has become an essential step in safeguarding their intellectual property.

One trusted name in the realm of trademark registration services is Incfile.

Incfile has been around since 2004, offering services like business formation, registered agents, compliance, and financial management. With their expertise and comprehensive approach, Incfile also provides businesses with a seamless and efficient process for protecting their valuable trademarks.

Below, we review Incfile’s trademark registration service, exploring its features and detailing its cost.

Importance of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is crucial for new businesses for several reasons. First, it helps protect the unique brand identity of your business, including its name, logo, and tagline, from being used by others. It also gives you exclusive rights to use the registered trademark and helps establish its brand in the market.

Next, trademark registration provides legal protection against potential infringement by others. If another business uses a similar or identical mark for similar goods or services, the trademark owner can take legal action to enforce their rights and prevent others from using their mark. 

A registered trademark can also enhance the business’s credibility and reputation. For customers, a brand’s trademark conveys an established reputation. It’s a marketing strategy proven to attract new customers.

Don’t know where to start? Hiring a professional entity like Incfile to handle trademark registration can have several advantages. Professional entities have the expertise and knowledge in trademark registration procedures, requirements, and best practices. As such, they can navigate the process of trademark registration more efficiently. 

As a business owner, going through the filing and registration process can be time-consuming. Hiring a professional entity can save time and effort for new businesses, allowing you to focus on core operations and growth.

Moreover, professional organizations typically provide legal guidance throughout the trademark registration process, helping businesses understand their rights and obligations, and ensuring compliance with trademark laws and regulations.

Incfile Trademark Registration Features

Incfile simplifies the trademark registration process with a straightforward approach. To begin, you can request an order by completing an online form that asks for your contact information, company details, and address. The form also provides options for the type of trademark you plan to register. If you’re new to trademark registration, Incfile offers a helpful article on what can and cannot be trademarked.

Incfile shares that any information you share is safe. The company stores data at secure data centers and uses SSL modern encryption as well.

Once you submit the order form, a trademark attorney from Incfile will promptly contact you to better understand your requirements and provide guidance on the registration process. The attorney will then conduct a comprehensive trademark search to verify the availability of your chosen mark and provide you with the search results along with a strategic plan of action.

Upon ensuring that everything is in order, Incfile will handle the filing of your trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and provide you with the approved trademark documentation upon successful registration.

Although standard trademark applications typically take 3 to 7 days for processing, according to Incfile, more complex marks may require additional time. Additionally, trademark approval times can vary and may take several months depending on the response from the USPTO. However, Incfile assures customers that they can monitor their application status throughout the approval process to stay informed.

Incfile Trademark Registration Cost

Incfile Trademark Registration Cost

Compared with other providers, Incfile’s trademark registration is priced competitively. The service costs $199 + filing fee. Depending on the class of goods, the USPTO will charge a flat fee of $250 or $350 for filing. Incfile’s rates include the package fee ($99) and attorney fee ($100).

Expenses incurred from the filing are also tax deductible. While the cost of creating your trademark is not deductible, it can be applied to your income tax basis, which serves as the reference point for calculating tax liability when selling the trademark or claiming depreciation deductions.

Incfile vs the competition

How does Incfile compare with other professional providers when it comes to trademark registration?

IncfileLegalZoomRocket Lawyer
Price$199 + Filing Fees$599 + Filing Fees$349.00 to $699.00 + Filing Fees


Incfile’s trademark registration service comes highly recommended, thanks to its affordability and simplicity. The company’s online form makes it easy to request an order, and their trademark attorneys guide clients throughout the registration process. Incfiles also conducts comprehensive trademark searches, handles the filing with the USPTO, and provides approved trademark documentation. Customers can also monitor their application status, ensuring a smooth and efficient trademark registration experience.