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Cheapest LLC Formation Services (2023)

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When it comes to starting a business, setting up a limited liability company (LLC) is a popular option because of the legal and financial protection it provides.

However, the cost of forming an LLC can be too expensive for many entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting out. Fortunately, there are several viable options available if you’re after the cheapest LLC formation services.

Among the most well-known providers in this space are ZenBusiness, Inc Authority, Rocket Lawyer, Incfile, Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom. These companies offer comprehensive LLC formation services. That includes filing articles of organization with the state, drafting operating agreements, obtaining EINs and providing registered agent services. What sets these companies apart is their ability to provide these services at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney or accountant to do the same work. This makes them a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to get their business up and running without breaking the bank.

Cheapest LLC Formation Services Comparison Chart

NameStarting PriceAll Plans
Cheapest LLC Formation Services ZenBusinessZenBusiness$0 + state filing feesCheck Price
Cheapest LLC Formation Services Inc AuthorityInc Authority$0 + state filing feesCheck Price

Note: Pricing not listed on website
Cheapest LLC Formation Services Rocket LawyerRocket Lawyer$99.99 + state filing fees or $39.99 monthly membership (with free LLC formation)Check Price
Cheapest LLC Formation Services IncfileIncfile$0 + state filing feesCheck Price
Cheapest LLC Formation Services Northwest Registered AgentNorthwest Registered Agent$39 + state filing feesCheck Price
Cheapest LLC Formation Services LegalZoomLegalZoom$0 + state filing feesCheck Price


Despite being relatively new in the industry, ZenBusiness is among the most popular LLC formation services around. That’s because not only does it start at $0 + state filing fees, but its premium plans are also more cost-effective than most.

The company offers three packages: Starter, Pro and Premium. As its name implies, Starter is priced at $0 + state filing fees, and it comes with pretty much everything you need to form an LLC. That includes business name availability check, form and info verification and articles of organization filing. 

If you opt for the Pro tier ($199 per year), then you’ll get expedited filing and ongoing compliance, as well as help with preparing your operating agreement. Last but not least, the Premium plan ($299 per year) offers everything the Pro option does but adds a domain and website to the mix.

However, neither one of its packages come with free registered agent service. If you want to avail it, it will set you back by $199 annually. In its defense, it’s more affordable compared to its counterparts’ offerings, some of which cost about $300 a year.

Inc Authority

Cheapest LLC Formation Services Inc Authority

By providing numerous essential services free of charge, Inc Authority sets itself apart from its competitors. With its Starter package that costs $0 + state filing fees, it’ll submit and maintain the necessary documentation to form an LLC, namely articles of organization and digital storage and delivery. Other features include business name checking and tax consultation.

What’s more, it provides registered agent services for the first year of operation for free, which is becoming a rarity of sorts in the industry. Also, it’ll assist users in the whole business formation process and other minor legal issues related to owning a business. In other words, it provides everything you need, offering a ton of value especially for budding entrepreneurs.

It gets even better too, as all clients can readily access the company’s customer support resources on its website. Just to be clear, that includes those who are subscribed to its free tier. Meanwhile, paying users get to take advantage of its legal services and more resources. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that any additional service beyond what its free bundle offers will come at a pretty steep price. How much you’ll pay isn’t exactly set in stone, as it varies by state to state and other details of the business. Depending on the area and nature of the business, its Starter Business Bundle could cost north of $400 a year, for instance. Also, it’s important to note that you’ll have to get in touch with the company to come to an agreed price.

Rocket Lawyer

Cheapest LLC Formation Services Rocket Lawyer

What makes Rocket Lawyer stand out from the rest is its free LLC formation for its members and 25 percent discount for new subscribers. Also, the company has just about everything you need to kickstart your business, and it even offers various legal aid services. That includes a lawyer helping you with legal documentation and half-hour consultations with its legal team. In addition, you get access to a huge library of legal documents to boot.

Membership costs $39.99 per month or $239.99 per year, and not only will you get free LLC creation and online legal services but also legal document templates and tax consultation. Also, there’s a seven-day free trial for those who want to try it out first before making any commitment.

Aside from that, it offers an LLC standalone plan too. This costs $99.99 + state filing fees, and it includes filing of articles of organization and business name. To put two and two together, first-timers will save more cash by opting for a membership initially. 

The long and short of it is it’s an affordable way to form an LLC with various legal services and assistance. However, neither of its offerings include registered agent services. With a subscription, this will cost an additional $111.99 a year, and with the LLC formation package, it’ll cost $149.99 per year. Also, they don’t include compliance alerts either. That said, it’s still an affordable option with a lot of value for those seeking inexpensive and quality LLC services and online legal services.


Cheapest LLC Formation Services Incfile

Simplifying the establishment and management of a business, Incfile offers assistance with drafting and filing legal paperwork for LLCs. All in all, it makes the entire process as straightforward as possible, which is perfect for new entrepreneurs.

The service is cost-effective. Every plan includes unlimited business name inquiries and a free year of registered agent services. On top of that, it also offers article creation and filing.

Its Silver package starts at $0, and all you have to pay for are the state filing fees. Upgrading to the Gold tier will set you back by $199, and it includes an EIN registration. Opting for Platinum will cost $299, and it comes with everything the cheaper packages offer with expedited filing.

Northwest Registered Agent

Form Your LLC Today with Northwest Registered Agent
$39 plus state fees

If you want top-notch customer service and a great deal, we recommend going with Northwest Registered Agent.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

As its name suggests, Northwest Registered Agent is primarily focused on registered agent services, but it also assists with business formation. If you’re only after the bare necessities of creating an LLC, then it’s an excellent option. For $39 + state filing fees, you get more or less everything that’s required to kick off a business. Also, it’s flexible in that it offers a monthly installment payment plan if you need it.

The company offers two packages. First off, the Formation Plan is more or less its standard tier. It costs $39 + state filing fees, and it includes the essentials to form an LLC. Next is the Full Service LLC Formation Plan, and at $225 plus any applicable state fees, it’s the more premium of the two. On that note, you’ll get a whole year of registered agent services, along with business name checking, an operating agreement and mail forwarding, among other benefits.

Speaking of perks, one of its standout features is it’ll scan up to five legal documents for free. In comparison, most of its competitors charge clients for this service. Additionally, its customer service is among the most outstanding in the business. Known as Corporate Guides, its team of representatives is made up of business owners, lawyers, accountants, paralegals and more. In other words, they’re experts in the field. There are even guides dedicated to assisting Spanish-speaking customers.

If there’s anything to complain about, it’s that the company doesn’t offer tools for building an online presence. Put differently, there’s no domain registration service or a customizable business website. However, it’s pretty much a nonissue since there are a ton of services out there for this.


LegalZoom provides a complete solution for digital legal service companies to comply with their regulatory obligations. The company assists in a variety of personal and family legal matters, including copyright issues and LLC establishment. Also, it offers flexible and cost-effective pricing options that allow for additional services as needed.

The company has three packages to choose from. The Basic plan is priced at $0 + state filing fees, and it includes the bare necessities to form an LLC: articles of organization and business name checking. Moreover, it throws in a customizable website powered by Wix and a digital welcome packet, which is basically a checklist to guide you after officially registering your LLC.

The next tier is the $249 Pro plan. This features everything the Basic bundle comes with, but it includes an operating agreement, EIN, a handy guide to business licenses and phone consultations to make sure you’re on the right track about taxes and insurance. Last but not least, the $299 Premium package has everything the lower-cost options have. The difference is it adds 30-minute consultations with an attorney and covers any changes to your LLC documentation within the first 90 days. 

Arguably, it’s one of the best options if you’re after comprehensive legal assistance, besides forming an LLC.


All in all, it’s clear that among the best and cheapest LLC formation services are ZenBusiness, Inc Authority, Rocket Lawyer, Incfile, Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom. After all, each one offers excellent value for money, and even though they’re on the affordable side, their services are top-notch. While not all of them start at $0, they’re still an inexpensive way to start an LLC.