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Best Virtual Business Address Services (2023)

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In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven business world, having a virtual business address can offer numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a remote or online-based business, a startup, a solopreneur, or an established company looking to expand geographically, a virtual business address can provide you with a professional image, privacy, mail handling services, and compliance with legal requirements.

Below, we explore and review some of the top virtual business address services available, helping you make an informed decision on the right one for your business.

Virtual Business Address Service Comparison Chart

iPostal12,500+ locations
Incfile48 states
Anytime Mailbox1,900+ locations
Earth Class Mail80+ US business addresses
PostScan Mail650+ locations


Locations: 2,500+
Monthly fee: $9.99 to $39.99/mo
Storage: Unlimited cloud storage

iPostal1 is a top choice for virtual business address services, offering a range of features and a vast network of over 2,500 global locations. This makes it an ideal option for businesses seeking to establish a local presence, expand into new markets, or target specific customer segments in different regions.

Creating a local presence with iPostal1 is effortless, as you can easily add locations with just a click. Monitoring your mail is convenient as well, with the company providing photos of items in your inbox, and the ability to manage the rest of your postal mail online or via their app 24/7.

In addition to their extensive network of virtual addresses, iPostal1 offers a variety of additional features to enhance your virtual mailbox experience. These include unlimited cloud storage, optional phone and fax services, mail scanning and uploading, and support for carriers.

iPostal1 offers four different plans for their virtual business address service: Green, Blue, Silver, and Gold. Pricing is tiered, with increasing mail items as you move up the pricing levels. The Green plan, which is the most popular, starts at $9.99 per month. iPostal1 also makes it easy to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. If you choose an annual subscription, you can even get two months for free, providing additional cost savings.


Locations: 48 states
Monthly fee: $29/mo
Storage: Unlimited mail scanning

Incfile offers a comprehensive suite of services for businesses, including business formation, compliance, and registered agent services. What many may not know is that Incfile also provides a virtual address service that combines the convenience of a virtual mailbox with unlimited mail scanning.

Similar to iPostal1, Incfile offers a fixed street address for your business, allowing you to establish a physical presence in a specific location without the need for a physical office space. This service is available in all states except Oregon and Arkansas, and can be easily added to your formation plans when using Incfile as your business services provider.

Currently, Incfile’s virtual address service only accepts letters and correspondences, which are then scanned and uploaded to an online dashboard. Unfortunately, boxed packages are not accepted. While the online dashboard is user-friendly, it’s important to note that Incfile does not offer a dedicated app for their virtual address service, so access is limited to a web browser.

One of the benefits of using Incfile’s virtual address service is that you will receive email notifications every time a piece of mail is scanned and uploaded to your online dashboard. Incfile also guarantees the security of your correspondences, as all data is encrypted and physical mail is protected in secure facilities.

The pricing for Incfile’s virtual address service with unlimited mail scanning is $29 per month, making it a competitive option for businesses in need of a virtual mailbox solution.

Anytime Mailbox

Locations: 1,900+
Monthly fee: Starts at $5.99
Storage: Unlimited cloud storage

Anytime Mailbox is a popular choice among freelancers and small businesses due to its affordable rates and extensive global network, boasting over 1,900 locations across 40 countries. Clients are provided with real street addresses and enjoy 24/7 access to scanned and uploaded mail, along with unlimited storage at no extra cost.

One of Anytime Mailbox’s notable advantages is its versatile accessibility options. Clients can access their online dashboard from desktops, laptops, or tablets, and can also manage their mail on the go using the Anytime Mailbox app, available for iOS and Android devices. Security is ensured as Anytime Mailbox uses a secure cloud-based platform to store mail.

However, unlike other services, Anytime Mailbox’s pricing isn’t straightforward, as starting rates and available plans vary depending on the location. Nevertheless, the company’s lowest virtual address plan starts at $5.99 per month, with options for different service plans depending on the location. Top-tier plans can go up to $69.99 per month.

Additional features offered by Anytime Mailbox will also depend on the address and plan chosen. These features may include mail forwarding, check deposit, recycling, shredding, and physical storage. Top-tier plans may also provide support for a higher number of recipients for the address.

Overall, Anytime Mailbox offers a convenient and accessible virtual mailbox service with a wide global network, though pricing and features may vary depending on the location and plan chosen.

Earth Class Mail

Locations: 80+ (only in the US)
Monthly fee: $19 to $299
Storage: Unlimited cloud storage

Earth Class Mail, a LegalZoom company, offers transparent pricing for their services. If you’re looking for a virtual business address, you can sign up for their Business Address plan at $39 per month. This plan supports a single recipient and follows a pay-as-you-go system for incoming mail and scans, with each item billed at $1.

For customers who expect to receive several mails per month, the MailBox and Mailroom plans provide more cost-effective options. The MailBox plans are ideal for individuals and small offices, starting at $19 per month for a single recipient and up to 50 mails. The Premium MailBox plan, which is the highest tier in this category, costs $79 per month and supports up to 20 recipients.

For larger businesses and enterprises, Earth Class Mail recommends their two MailRoom plans, priced at $139 (Startup) or $229 (Business). These plans offer increased capacity for incoming mail and scans, along with unlimited recipients.

All Earth Class Mail plans include free shredding and up to 30 days of physical storage. High-resolution scanning is also provided at no additional cost for documents with 20 pages or less. For those in need of check deposit services, it is available as an add-on starting at $39 per month for up to five checks. Additionally, Earth Class Mail offers mail forwarding services to anywhere you need it.

With clear pricing and a range of options to suit different needs, Earth Class Mail provides comprehensive virtual business address solutions for businesses of all sizes.

PostScan Mail

Locations: 650+
Monthly fee: $10 to $30
Storage: Unlimited cloud storage

Outside of the US, PostScan Mail boasts locations in 18 countries. It also supports multiple shipping carriers using their real-time shipping rates. For those on a budget, you’d be pleased to know PostScan Mail offers some of the lowest rates for virtual business address services. Its Starter plan, for instance, only costs $10 per month for up to 30 mail items. 

The company’s Standard and Premium plans, on the other hand, double incoming mail capacity to 60 and 120 per month, respectively. Despite the added mail, the Standard plan only costs $20 a month while the Premium package will set you back $30 per month. The only downside is that the company does not accept check deposits.

Regardless of which plan you subscribe to, PostScan Mail offers round-the-clock online access to your mail items and unlimited cloud storage. You also get email notifications for new mail and packages received. PostScan Mail scans your documents to PDF for easy download. There’s local mail and package pickup, too.

PostScan Mail also puts a premium on organizing your mail. The company offers mail consolidation and package forwarding, and also indexes sender information. Access to your documents is also easy, thanks to a companion mobile app available for both Android and iOS. The platform’s mail management grid makes it easy to search for letters, correspondences, and packages.


Businesses use virtual business addresses to establish a local presence without renting physical office space, ideal for expanding into new markets or targeting specific customer segments.

Virtual addresses provide a professional image with a physical street address, enhancing credibility with clients, customers, and partners. They also offer convenience for managing local communications and operations.

iPostal1 is our top pick for the best virtual business address provider due to its extensive global network and competitive rates, while Incfile is recommended for first-time entrepreneurs as a one-stop-shop for business formation services, including virtual addresses, registered agents, and compliance services.