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Best Nevada Registered Agent Services (2023)

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Behind the scenes of every successful Nevada business, there’s a crucial element often overlooked – the registered agent. Serving as the bridge between your business and the state, a registered agent ensures legal compliance, receives important documents, and maintains your company’s privacy.

In this review, we delve into the top Nevada registered agent services: ZenBusiness, LegalZoom, Northwest Registered Agent, and Incfile. Each brings its own unique strengths to the table, so this review aims to help you decide which company serves your needs best.

Get A Registered Agent In Minutes With ZenBusiness
Just $199 a year

Streamline your business compliance with ZenBusiness's feature-rich registered agent service.

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Comparison Chart

ZenBusinessLegalZoomNorthwest Registered AgentIncfile
WebsiteStart HereStart HereStart HereStart Here
Pricing$199 annually$249 annuallyFree for the first year, $125 annually*Free for the first year, $119 annually*
*When availed with LLC formation package


Best for comprehensive service options

ZenBusiness is a standout in registered agent services, offering more than the basics. Apart from traditional roles, they cover business formation, compliance, and ongoing management. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a one-stop solution.

They provide registered agent services in all 50 U.S. states, including Nevada, except for nonprofits. Their $199 yearly rate per state is competitive and can be added to business formation packages catering to various business sizes.

For existing businesses, ZenBusiness maintains a straightforward $199 per state rate for standalone registered agent services. Their digital platform simplifies legal document management and notifications, streamlining compliance.

Selecting ZenBusiness as your registered agent brings forth an array of advantages to guarantee your business’s adherence to regulations. These benefits encompass a state-based physical address, seamless mail forwarding, an intuitive online platform for effortless legal document management, and a dependable notification system – ZenBusiness has every aspect covered.

Beyond registered agent services, partnering with ZenBusiness for business formation unlocks supplementary benefits. These include hassle-free compliance, yearly report filing, expedited filing choices, and potentially, a personalized business website, contingent on the chosen package


Best for premium service provision

LegalZoom’s registered agent service stands out for its comprehensive coverage and extra perks that go beyond basic services. Backed by a reputable history, LegalZoom offers an extensive range of services that exceed traditional registered agent duties.

With an annual fee of $249, LegalZoom’s registered agent service might be considered higher priced compared to some competitors. However, this cost translates to additional features. These include a compliance calendar to track critical filing deadlines and unlimited cloud storage for business documents.

When you choose LegalZoom as your registered agent, you also gain access to unlimited cloud storage for secure document management and alerts for essential mail. Another notable feature is LegalZoom’s courtesy call before delivering any court documents. This proactive approach ensures you stay informed about legal matters and have ample time to respond.

Furthermore, LegalZoom offers an extra layer of protection with $1 million in identity theft protection and credit monitoring, providing peace of mind in today’s digital age. LegalZoom’s network of attorneys is also available to offer prompt and professional legal advice, a valuable resource for entrepreneurs dealing with business law complexities.

It’s important to note that LegalZoom’s registered agent service is separate from their business formation plan, which starts at $79 plus state filing fees. Existing LegalZoom customers looking to switch to their registered agent service will have all necessary paperwork handled and associated fees covered.

Make Your Business Compliant With LegalZoom Registered Agents
$299 annual fee

Avail of LegalZoom's services for solutions handled with expertise and efficiency.

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Northwest Registered Agent

Best for transparent pricing and privacy

Unlike the intricate pricing structures often encountered in this sector, Northwest Registered Agent stands out for its clear and direct pricing approach. Their registered agent service comes at a competitive rate of $125 annually, an accessible choice for businesses of varied scales.

Enhancing convenience, Northwest provides an LLC formation package starting at a base fee of $39, supplemented by state fees. This all-encompassing package encompasses a complimentary year of registered agent service, subsequently renewed at the standard rate of $125 per year.

Nonetheless, Northwest’s strength lies in their commitment to safeguarding client data. In contrast to certain providers, the company refrains from trading or selling your information, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your business.

The company also promptly accepts and scans incoming documents on the same day they are received at their local office. Furthermore, Northwest takes measures to prevent any oversight of critical mail. They proactively alert you and even follow up if crucial mail remains unopened.

Additionally, Northwest offers a limited mail forwarding service. This includes complimentary scanning for up to 5 documents per year, with supplementary mail forwarding available at a reasonable fee of $15 per document.

Best For Privacy
Appoint Northwest Registered Agent Service As Your RA
Free with an LLC formation plan

If privacy and value are top concerns, Northwest Registered Agent is the clear choice for its unmatched commitment to protecting your information and for its affordable pricing.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Incfile offers an array of services designed to assist entrepreneurs and business proprietors in launching, overseeing, and expanding their enterprises. Notably, they’ve garnered recognition for their prompt and cost-effective business formation solutions, conveniently accessible via their website.

Central to Incfile’s services is their registered agent offering, which is closely intertwined with their LLC formation packages. Remarkably, Incfile incorporates a complimentary year of registered agent service into each of their business formation packages.

The Silver package, available at $0, proves ideal for budget-conscious individuals. Here, you’re only required to cover the state filing fees. On the continuum, the Gold and Platinum plans expand upon the Silver package’s provisions.

The Gold plan, priced at $199, encompasses additional features like an EIN, operating agreement, banking resolution, and a business tax consultation. Conversely, the Platinum package, priced at $299, encompasses everything in the Gold plan, along with perks such as expedited filing, a domain name, and even a business email.

Now, the question arises: what will be the cost of the registered agent service beyond the initial year? According to Incfile, the service carries an annual fee of $119. While this might appear substantial, it stands notably lower than the fees charged by its competitors.


In the realm of business, Nevada emerges as a strategic haven, offering entrepreneurs a blend of favorable tax policies and a conducive environment. However, navigating this landscape requires a crucial intermediary – the registered agent. This liaison between your business and the state ensures compliance and privacy, making their role indispensable.

For those seeking a comprehensive solution to their business needs, ZenBusiness stands as a top recommendation. Their all-encompassing approach ensures a smooth journey from formation to ongoing compliance.

For businesses that value both premium services and legal expertise, LegalZoom shines as an ideal choice. Beyond registered agent duties, their array of legal services offers a well-rounded support system.

Northwest Registered Agent, with its transparent pricing and privacy-focused approach, is a strong contender. Their commitment to clear costs and shielding personal information cements their value.

Incfile comes through as a reliable option for those mindful of budget constraints. Their straightforward offerings ensure a no-nonsense, cost-effective registered agent solution.

In a state brimming with entrepreneurial opportunities, selecting the right registered agent service is paramount. Whether you’re chasing comprehensive support, premium features, transparent pricing, or budget-friendly options, the landscape of Nevada’s registered agent services caters to every entrepreneurial need.