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Best Georgia Registered Agent Services (2023)

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Starting a business in Georgia can be an exciting endeavor, thanks to its business-friendly environment, strategic location, and growing economy. However, amidst the enthusiasm of setting up shop, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the selection of a reliable registered agent service.

A registered agent acts as a liaison between your business and the state, receiving important legal documents and ensuring your business remains compliant.

In this article, we delve into the top registered agent services in Georgia—LegalZoom, Incfile, Northwest Registered Agent, and ZenBusiness—to help you make an informed decision for your business needs.

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Comparison Chart

Product NameLegalZoomIncfileNorthwest Registered AgentZenBusiness
WebsiteCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Pricing$249 annuallyFree for the first year, $119 annually*Free for the first year, $125 annually*$199 annually
*When availed with LLC formation package

Georgia: The Ideal Business Landscape and the Role of Registered Agents

Georgia’s thriving business ecosystem has attracted countless entrepreneurs due to its strategic geographic location, robust transportation infrastructure, and diverse economy. To navigate this landscape, selecting a registered agent is essential.

A registered agent is your business’s point of contact with the state, responsible for receiving vital documents like legal notices, tax forms, and official correspondence. This not only ensures your business remains compliant but also provides a layer of privacy between your personal and professional life.


Despite LegalZoom’s $249 annual fee, seemingly elevated compared to certain rivals, the cost is validated by its additional features. Noteworthy among these is a compliance calendar, diligently monitoring critical filing deadlines, and streamlining document organization.

But the benefits of LegalZoom’s registered agent selection extend beyond document efficacy. The service grants access to limitless cloud storage, ensuring secure document safekeeping. Furthermore, they provide alerts for essential mail, ensuring prompt notification of critical correspondence.

A standout characteristic is LegalZoom’s thoughtful courtesy call before delivering court documents. This proactive measure enhances service reliability and underscores their commitment to keeping you well-informed, allowing sufficient time for response.

LegalZoom also includes $1 million in identity theft protection and credit monitoring. In an age marked by digital vulnerabilities, this security provision offers notable peace of mind. Moreover, LegalZoom boasts a network of adept attorneys ready to provide timely and professional legal advice—an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs navigating business law intricacies.


At the core of Incfile’s suite of services lies their registered agent offering, seamlessly integrated with their LLC formation packages. Notably, Incfile distinguishes itself by including a complimentary year of registered agent service with every business formation package.

Starting with the Silver package, which comes at an attractive cost of $0, this option is tailor-made for those who prioritize budget-conscious decisions. The Silver package covers the essential state filing fees, ensuring a smooth entry into the business landscape. Meanwhile, the Gold and Platinum plans build upon the foundation set by the Silver package, offering a richer set of provisions.

Priced at $199, the Gold plan takes the offerings a step further. In addition to the benefits included in the Silver package, this tier incorporates valuable features such as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), an operating agreement, a banking resolution, and a business tax consultation. Entrepreneurs seeking a more comprehensive support package will find the Gold plan to be a strategic choice.

For businesses aiming to make a robust investment in their foundation, the Platinum package, priced at $299, presents an appealing proposition. Building upon the Gold plan’s offerings, the Platinum package extends benefits like expedited filing, a domain name registration, and even a dedicated business email service. This comprehensive approach is designed to empower businesses with the tools they need to establish a strong online presence.

An important consideration often raised is the post-initial year cost of the registered agent service. Incfile addresses this concern transparently, stating an annual fee of $119. While this may initially seem substantial, it’s worth noting that this fee is notably lower than what competitors in the industry typically charge for similar services.

Northwest Registered Agent

For those who place a premium on privacy and conscientious spending, Northwest Registered Agent stands out as a commendable choice. One of their key strengths lies in their Privacy by Default feature, which automatically limits the exposure and accessibility of your personal information—an assurance that your confidentiality is taken seriously.

Transparency is a standout quality of Northwest Registered Agent. They adopt a straightforward and all-inclusive pricing structure, steering clear of concealed fees that can complicate your budgeting efforts. Their annual fee of $125 for registered agent services strikes a competitive balance, catering to businesses of varied sizes and growth stages.

In addition to their registered agent service, Northwest offers an LLC formation package starting at a base fee of $39, supplemented by state fees. This comprehensive package not only initiates the process of establishing your business but also includes a year of free registered agent service—a valuable inclusion that subsequently renews at a reasonable standard rate of $125 per annum.

Despite their cost-conscious approach, Northwest doesn’t compromise on the caliber of their service. They promptly accept and scan incoming documents, ensuring that important mail is never overlooked. For those requiring mail forwarding, Northwest extends the convenience of free scanning for up to 5 documents annually, with supplementary forwarding available at a reasonable fee of $15 per document.

Best For Privacy
Appoint Northwest Registered Agent Service As Your RA
Free with an LLC formation plan

If privacy and value are top concerns, Northwest Registered Agent is the clear choice for its unmatched commitment to protecting your information and for its affordable pricing.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


ZenBusiness is another practical choice, notable for its user-friendly interface and a comprehensive range of services aimed at meeting entrepreneurs’ diverse needs.

Delving into their registered agent services, ZenBusiness maintains an approachable pricing structure of $199 annually per state. This fee can be included as an add-on to their business formation packages or can stand alone as a distinct service. In alignment with their commitment to versatility, ZenBusiness offers three package options—Starter, Pro, and Premium—ensuring applicability to businesses across various scales.

For those with established businesses seeking solely a registered agent, ZenBusiness follows the same uncomplicated pricing model: $199 per state annually. This consistency underscores their emphasis on accessibility and straightforwardness.

Opting for ZenBusiness as your registered agent provides a medley of advantages to fortify your business’s compliance. These benefits encompass a state-based physical address, mail forwarding, a user-friendly online platform for streamlined document management, and a dependable notification system that keeps you apprised of key developments.

In addition to their registered agent services, forming your business with ZenBusiness reaps further rewards. This encompasses simplified compliance management, annual report filing, expedited filing options, and the potential to access a personalized business website, contingent on your selected plan.

Get A Registered Agent In Minutes With ZenBusiness
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Streamline your business compliance with ZenBusiness's feature-rich registered agent service.

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Selecting the right registered agent is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Each of the reviewed services—LegalZoom, Incfile, Northwest Registered Agent, and ZenBusiness—has its strengths, catering to different aspects of business needs.

For those who demand premium service and personalized assistance, LegalZoom emerges as the leader. Incfile stands out as the ideal partner for businesses seeking long-term support and a range of legal services. Northwest Registered Agent takes privacy and transparency to heart, while ZenBusiness excels in offering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Before making your choice, assess your business’s specific requirements, budget, and long-term goals. Remember, a reliable registered agent is more than just a legal obligation; it’s a strategic partnership that can contribute significantly to your business’s success in the vibrant landscape of Georgia.