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Best Delaware Registered Agent Services (2023)

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Starting a business is akin to embarking on a new adventure, and the choices you make at the outset can profoundly impact your journey’s trajectory. One of these pivotal choices is where to establish your business, and Delaware consistently emerges as an enticing option.

With its business-friendly environment and solid legal framework, Delaware has long been a magnet for entrepreneurs seeking growth and success. Amidst the various considerations when setting up shop in Delaware, the role of a registered agent takes center stage.

In this article, we delve into the best Delaware registered agent services, providing a nuanced perspective for those navigating this essential component of business establishment.

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Comparison Chart

Product NameZenBusinessLegalZoomNorthwest Registered AgentIncfile
WebsiteCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Pricing$199 annually$249 annuallyFree for the first year, $125 annually*Free for the first year, $119 annually*
*When availed with LLC formation package

Delaware’s Allure for Business and the Significance of Registered Agents

The state of Delaware has fostered an environment that nurtures businesses of all sizes. Its business laws are meticulously crafted to provide businesses with a favorable framework for growth and innovation. The Delaware Court of Chancery, renowned for its expertise in business litigation, ensures that business disputes are resolved efficiently, adding another layer of appeal for businesses to call Delaware their home.

In the intricate web of business formalities, the role of registered agents cannot be overstated. These intermediaries play a dual role, serving as a point of contact between your business and the state and ensuring that your business remains compliant with regulatory requirements. They receive important legal documents, service of process, and official communications on your behalf, ensuring that no crucial information goes amiss.


Comprehensive Service Options

ZenBusiness is recognized as a reliable registered agent service that presents a comprehensive array of offerings. The company provides registered agent services at a competitive rate of $199 per state per year, which can be added as an optional component to their business formation packages. They currently present three distinct package options—Starter, Pro, and Premium—to cater to businesses of varying sizes.

For businesses already in operation and seeking a standalone registered agent service, ZenBusiness maintains a consistent flat fee of $199 per state per year, simplifying the decision-making process.

Choosing ZenBusiness as your registered agent offers several advantages that revolve around ensuring your business’s compliance. This encompasses furnishing a physical address within the state for your business, facilitating mail forwarding services, offering an intuitive online platform for convenient access and management of legal documents, and a dependable notification and alert system.

Furthermore, opting for ZenBusiness for your business formation brings supplementary benefits. These include hassle-free compliance management, annual report filing, options for expedited filing, and potentially, access to a customizable business website, contingent on the chosen plan.


Premium Services with a Legal Edge

LegalZoom is a notable presence in the realm of business services. With an annual fee of $249, their registered agent service tends to fall on the higher end of the pricing spectrum when compared to certain competitors. Nevertheless, this price point corresponds with a set of supplementary features that contribute value to the package.

Upon enlisting LegalZoom as your registered agent, you unlock access to several tools. These include a compliance calendar designed to help you keep abreast of crucial deadlines, an unlimited cloud storage facility for secure document organization, and notifications for important mail that demands your attention.

In addition, LegalZoom provides $1 million in identity theft protection and credit monitoring, instilling a sense of security for business owners in our technology-driven era. Moreover, clients can connect with a network of attorneys for legal advice, an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs.

LegalZoom’s registered agent service is distinct from their business formation plan, which starts at $79 plus state filing fees. While this might entail extra expenses, it’s noteworthy that existing LegalZoom clients aiming to transition to their registered agent service will find the transition seamless, as LegalZoom takes care of all requisite paperwork and associated fees.

Make Your Business Compliant With LegalZoom Registered Agents
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Northwest Registered Agent

Privacy and Transparency at the Forefront

In today’s world, where privacy and transparency are increasingly important, Northwest Registered Agent is a standout choice for businesses and individuals seeking a registered agent service. The company places a strong emphasis on protecting client privacy and maintaining a clear fee structure.

Northwest Registered Agent does not sell client data, and it strictly limits who has access to your information through its Privacy by Default feature. The transparency of Northwest Registered Agent is further evident in their pricing model. Their registered agent service stands at a competitive rate of $125 per year, making it a viable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Northwest also offers an LLC formation package that starts with base fee of $39 plus state filing fees. This comprehensive package includes a year of registered agent service, which automatically renews at the standard rate of $125 per year.

While the service is affordable, you do get extra features. For instance, the company’s local offices accept and scan incoming documents on the same day they are received, ensuring that you are promptly notified of any important developments. If you do not respond to a notification, a Northwest representative will reach out to you directly.

Moreover, Northwest extends limited mail forwarding services. This entails the provision of up to 5 document scans per year at no additional cost. Should you require more extensive forwarding, the company offers the service at a reasonable rate of $15 per document.

Best For Privacy
Appoint Northwest Registered Agent Service As Your RA
Free with an LLC formation plan

If privacy and value are top concerns, Northwest Registered Agent is the clear choice for its unmatched commitment to protecting your information and for its affordable pricing.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Budget-Friendly Pragmatism

Incfile is a cost-effective registered agent service that offers a variety of features to help entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. The company’s starter LLC formation package is a steal at $0 + state fees, and it includes a complimentary year of registered agent service.

Incfile’s registered agent service ensures that your business receives important legal documents on time, so you can focus on running your business. The company also offers a variety of other services, such as EIN acquisition, operating agreement drafting, and business tax consultation.

Incfile offers three business formation packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver plan is a great option for budget-conscious entrepreneurs, as it costs $0 + state fees and includes the essential state filing fees to ensure a smooth entry into the business landscape.

The Gold plan is priced at $199 and builds upon the foundation set by the Silver plan, offering a richer set of provisions. Lastly, the Platinum plan is a comprehensive package designed to help businesses establish a strong online presence. The plan includes all of the features of the Gold plan, plus additional benefits such as expedited filing, a domain name registration, and a dedicated business email service.

With IncFile as your registered agent, your company can utilize the agent’s name and address, receive mail on regular business days, and have them accept service of process and notices from your state.


Choosing the best Delaware registered agent service for your business is a careful process. You need to think about what your business needs.

ZenBusiness is great for many types of businesses because they can adjust to what you need. LegalZoom, on the other hand, is known for its top-notch service and legal knowledge. Northwest Registered Agent focuses on keeping things private and being clear about what they do. Meanwhile, Incfile is a good choice if you’re on a budget but still want important services.

You should think about what your business needs most. Each of these registered agent services has its own strengths. They each help with different parts of your business. When you choose the right one, you’re setting your business up for success in Delaware. You’ll be more confident as you start your business journey in Delaware, dealing with all the legal stuff in a smart way.

Get A Registered Agent In Minutes With ZenBusiness
Just $199 a year

Streamline your business compliance with ZenBusiness's feature-rich registered agent service.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.