Best Business Password Management (2024): Top Keeper Security Password & Secrets Management Review

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Safeguarding sensitive business data is paramount in today’s business landscape. With the myriad of passwords and credentials required, robust password management solutions are essential. Enter Keeper Security—a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline and fortify password management for businesses of all sizes. Below, we’ll look into Keeper Password Manager’s comprehensive suite of features tailored for businesses, highlighting its intuitive interface, seamless integration, and advanced security protocols. From its flexible business plans to its encrypted vaults and multi-factor authentication, Keeper stands out when it comes to reliability in the realm of password management.

Keeper Security – At A Glance

Keeper Password Manager ensures the protection of vital information from potential breaches. By generating and storing strong, unique passwords, Keeper alleviates the burden of memorizing multiple credentials, granting users peace of mind.

Here’s a list of advantages and drawbacks of Keeper Password Manager:


  • Utilizes robust AES 256-bit multi-layered encryption
  • Offers a user-friendly interface with ample customization options
  • Supported across various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and browsers
  • Boasts a flawless security track record, having never been hacked or breached
  • Employs a zero-knowledge architecture ensuring data privacy
  • Features regular security audits and penetration testing
  • Provides affordable plans including a free version with essential features
  • Offers seamless password capture, replay, and sharing functionalities
  • Supports multiple forms of multi-factor authentication


  • Limited features in the free tier
  • Lack of a money-back guarantee
  • Non-US customers may experience delays in customer support

While Keeper Password Manager presents a few limitations, its comprehensive security features and user-friendly interface make it a standout choice for safeguarding vital credentials in today’s digital landscape.

Business Plans

Keeper Password Manager offers tailored pricing and plans to suit the diverse needs of businesses, comprising Business Starter, Business, and Enterprise options. The Business Starter plan, priced at $2.00 per user monthly on the yearly plan($24 per user), caters to smaller teams of 5 to 10 members, providing essential features like security audit and team management.

Moving up, the Business plan, priced at $3.75 per user and billed at $45 yearly, incorporates additional functionalities such as delegated administration and advanced organizational structure, ideal for larger teams requiring heightened administrative oversight.

For enterprises seeking comprehensive security solutions and customization options, there’s a Business Enterprise plan available. Prospective Enterprise clients can reach out to Keeper Security for customized quotes, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can access the security features they need at competitive pricing.


Keeper’s Business plan offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the stringent security needs of organizations.

  • Business Starter

At its core lies an encrypted vault for every user, ensuring that sensitive credentials remain protected from unauthorized access. Additionally, users benefit from a free Family Plan, extending the platform’s robust security measures to personal accounts.

Shared Team Folders facilitate seamless collaboration by allowing teams to securely share sensitive documents and credentials within designated folders. With access from unlimited devices, users enjoy unparalleled flexibility without compromising security.

The Policy Engine and Enforcements feature empowers administrators to enforce password policies across the organization, bolstering security protocols. Security Audit and Activity Reporting provide invaluable insights into password usage and user activity, facilitating proactive security measures.

Team Management functionalities streamline administrative tasks, while Basic two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to user accounts.

  • Business

The Business plan includes all the Business Starter features but also includes Delegated Administration, which enables efficient delegation of administrative tasks, enhancing workflow efficiency.

There’s also an Advanced Organizational Structure that allows for granular control over user access and permissions, ensuring compliance with organizational policies. Share Admin further simplifies collaboration by enabling designated users to manage shared resources effortlessly.

  • Enterprise

The Enterprise plan builds upon the robust foundation of the Business Starter and Business plans, encompassing an extensive array of advanced features tailored for large-scale enterprise needs. Alongside existing features, the Enterprise plan introduces enhancements aimed at elevating security and streamlining operations.

Advanced Two-Factor Authentication (DUO & RSA) fortifies access control by implementing additional layers of authentication, bolstering security measures.

Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) Authentication simplifies user access management by enabling seamless authentication across multiple applications, enhancing user experience and security.

Automated Team Management streamlines administrative tasks, optimizing workflow efficiency and ensuring effective team collaboration.

Active Directory and LDAP Sync facilitate centralized user management, ensuring consistency and security across organizational systems.

Azure Integration enhances interoperability with Microsoft Azure services, fostering seamless integration and workflow optimization.

SCIM Provisioning automates user provisioning and management, reducing manual intervention and enhancing scalability.

Command Line Provisioning offers flexibility and efficiency in user provisioning and management tasks through command-line interfaces.

Developer APIs empower customization and integration capabilities, enabling tailored solutions to meet specific enterprise requirements.

Paid Add-Ons

While it would be ideal for these features to be included with the plans, their value remains undeniable, justifying the additional investment.

  • Secure File Storage via Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault provides a fortified solution for businesses to store, manage, and share sensitive files securely, safeguarding against potential breaches and data leaks.
  • BreachWatch offers real-time risk assessments of passwords, empowering employees with insights into potential vulnerabilities. This feature also provides organizations with a comprehensive overview of breached password status across the enterprise, enabling proactive security measures.
  • Advanced Reporting & Alerts enhance Keeper’s standard reporting capabilities, offering customizable reporting and alerting functionalities built on a zero-knowledge security architecture, providing enterprises with actionable insights into password usage and potential security threats.
  • KeeperChat revolutionizes workplace communication by offering encrypted messaging, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security in digital communications.
  • Keeper Connection Manager streamlines access to infrastructure with zero-trust security, providing DevOps and IT teams instant access to servers, databases, and remote desktops through a secure web browser interface.
  • Keeper Secrets Manager mitigates security risks by eliminating secrets sprawl, removing hard-coded credentials from source code, config files, and CI/CD systems, enhancing overall security posture and compliance. Though these add-ons require additional investment, their invaluable contribution to security and efficiency makes them a worthwhile enhancement for businesses utilizing Keeper Password Manager.

Ease of Use

Keeper Password Manager offers a seamless and intuitive user experience across all platforms, making password management a breeze. The desktop app, available for MacOS, Linux, and Windows, provides easy access to all features, including the unique self-destruct mode for added security. With self-destruct mode activated, users can thwart hacking attempts by ensuring that credentials are obliterated after a specified number of failed logins, safeguarding sensitive information.

The desktop app’s user-friendly interface organizes frequently used features conveniently on the left-hand side, with advanced settings easily accessible by hovering over the user’s email address at the top right section. A search bar simplifies navigation, allowing users to quickly locate items within the vault and security audit pages. While some settings may open in new pop-ups, the system ensures no loss of work, enhancing user confidence and efficiency.

The mobile app for iOS and Android mirrors the desktop and web clients’ design, ensuring consistency and ease of use across devices. Browser extensions further streamline operations, providing smooth functionality across various browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Keeper Password Manager’s seamless integration and intuitive design make it a standout choice for effortless password management.


Keeper Password Manager is a highly recommended and reliable solution for businesses seeking to fortify their digital security measures. With its comprehensive suite of features, including advanced encryption, seamless integration, and intuitive interface, Keeper stands out when it comes to reliability in the realm of password management.

From its Business Starter to Enterprise plans, Keeper offers scalable options to meet the diverse needs of organizations, ensuring that every business can access the security features they require at competitive pricing. Additionally, while some features may require additional investment as paid add-ons, their undeniable value in enhancing security and efficiency justifies the extra cost. With its user-friendly desktop app, mobile compatibility, and browser extensions, Keeper ensures a seamless experience across all platforms, making password management effortless and intuitive.